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Next Mission

Starlink 2-3

NET October

SpaceX will add further satellites to the Starlink constellation. 

Recovery Details

Fairing Recovery

Yes – soft splashdown and recovery from water by NRC Quest

Booster Recovery

Droneship landing – 640 km downrange.

Fleet Deployment

Of Course I Still Love You

Of Course I Still Love You will be used as the offshore landing platform for the Falcon 9 booster.

NRC Quest

NRC Quest is the Pacific Ocean fairing recovery ship. NRC Quest previously recovered Cargo Dragon.

Adele Elise

Adele Elise is a droneship support ship. The vessel carries equipment and personnel to support booster landings at sea.


Scorpius has been contracted to tow the droneship from Long Beach to the offshore landing zone.

Droneship Position

~640 km downrange from the launch pad. Coordinates: North 20 22 32 West 117 50 59.

Mission Updates