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Starlink V1 L17 Mission

Transporter-1 Mission

Transporter 1


SpaceX’s first dedicated rideshare mission. 

Recovery Details

Fairing Recovery

Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief expected. Position estimated to be 600km downrange.

Booster Recovery

Droneship landing – 553 km downrange.

Fleet Deployment

Of Course I Still Love You

Of Course I Still Love You droneship will be used as the offshore landing platform for the Falcon 9 booster.

GO Ms. Tree

GO Ms. Tree is a fast and highly maneuverable vessel modified with a net structure that's designed to catch fairing halves.

GO Searcher

GO Searcher is a Dragon recovery ship that has been temporarily reassigned to droneship support for the Transporter-1 mission.

GO Ms. Chief

GO Ms. Chief is a fast and highly maneuverabl, vessel that is near-identical to Ms. Tree and designed to catch fairing halves.

Finn Falgout

Finn Falgout will be contracted to tow the droneship from Port Canaveral to the offshore landing zone.

Droneship Position

~553 km downrange from the launch pad. Coordinates: North 23 45 41 West 79 8 32.

Mission Updates