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{MissionName} Mission




Recovery Details

Fairing Recovery

Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief deployed offshore.

Booster Recovery

Droneship landing –  633 km downrange in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fleet Deployment


{Droneship} droneship will be used as the offshore landing platform for the Falcon 9 booster.

GO Ms. Tree

GO Ms. Tree is a fast, highly maneuverable vessel modified with a net structure that's designed to catch fairing halves.

GO Quest

GO Quest is the droneship support ship. The vessel carries equipment and personnel to support booster landings at sea.

GO Ms. Chief

GO Ms. Chief is the near-identical sister ship to Ms. Tree and has been modified into a fairing catcher.


{DroneshipTug} has been contracted to tow the droneship from Port Canaveral to the offshore landing zone.

Droneship Position

~633 km downrange from the launch pad.

Mission Updates