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Tug Hawk towing Of Course I Still Love You droneship - Julia Bergeron

Tug Hawk is an ocean-going escort tractor tug owned and operated by Seabulk. Tug Hawk has been contracted on-and-off since 2017 to tow SpaceX droneships offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hawk is a 6,700 horsepower tugboat chartered by SpaceX for recovery operations. SpaceX droneships cannot move themselves over long distances – to and from landing zones – and require a tugboat to tow them hundreds of kilometers downrange. Tug Hawk was first contracted for the EchoStar 105/SES-11 mission in October 2017 and has since repeated the role more than 18 times.

Vital Statistics

Owner:  Seabulk

Operator: Seabulk

Year Built: 1995

IMO: 1033239

Length: 33.5m

Width: 12.2m

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2017

Retired from SpaceX Fleet: 2021

Full Specification Sheet.

Hawk conducting harbor assist operations at Port Canaveral, Florida - Julia Bergeron


Starlink V1 L21Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L17Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L19Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L16Droneship towing
CRS-21Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L15Droneship towing
Crew DM-2Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L5Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L4Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L3Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L2Droneship towing
JCSAT-18 / Kacific-1 Droneship towing
CRS-19Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L1Droneship towing
Es'Hail 2Droneship towing
Telstar 18VDroneship towing
Merah PutihDroneship towing
Telstar 19VDroneship towing
TESSDroneship towing
Falcon Heavy Demo Droneship towing
KoreaSat 5ADroneship towing
EchoStar 105/SES-11Droneship towing

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