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GO Quest

GO Quest moored at Port Canaveral, Florida. - Julia Bergeron

GO Quest is a droneship support ship. The vessel carries equipment and crew to support offshore landings on SpaceX droneships. GO Quest has supported every droneship landing attempt in the Atlantic Ocean up until September 2021. The vessel was later repositioned to California to support a resurgence in Pacific Ocean recovery operations, where it remains in the role into 2023.

Vital Statistics

Owner: Guice Offshore

Operator: Guice Offshore

Year Built: 2004

IMO: 8987876

Length: 51m

Width: 12m

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2014

Full Specification Sheet.

Although dependant on mission requirements, the SpaceX droneship will leave port up to 7 days ahead of launch day. GO Quest will then typically leave port up to 36 hours later and meet with the droneship at the mission landing zone a few days later.

The stern (rear) of GO Quest has 2 flights of stairs and a harness platform. SpaceX droneships are unmanned during the voyage to the landing zone and during landing attempts so the crew from GO Quest must transfer to and from the droneships. To do this, GO Quest backs its stern up to the droneship. Next, recovery teams connect themselves up with harnesses and then climb onto the droneship in a process dubbed ‘crew transfer’. For safety reasons, crew transfer does not occur at night or during rough seas.

The deck of GO Quest is filled with a large amount of communication equipment, including a large radar dish antenna. These are used during landing attempts to relay booster telemetry and also for general communication. 

Communications equipment on the deck of GO Quest. - Tom McCool