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GO Navigator

GO Navigator with a Dragon training mockup - Tom McCool

GO Navigator is a Dragon recovery ship used by SpaceX. The vessel, alongside sister ship GO Searcher, recovers Dragon at the end of a mission or during certain abort scenarios. GO Navigator joined the recovery fleet in August 2018.

GO Navigator was slowly upgraded to match GO Searcher throughout 2018 and 2019. The vessel is equipped with a medical treatment facility and helipad for emergency situations. When splashdown occurs offshore near Cape Canaveral, astronauts will be recovered and travel back to Port Canaveral on board the recovery ship. In the event of a medical emergency or a splashdown elsewhere, a helicopter will land and transport the astronauts back to land.

Vital Statistics

Owner: Guice Offshore

Operator: Guice Offshore

Year Built: 2010

IMO: 9566887

Length: 52m

Width: 11m

Joined SpaceX Fleet: 2018

Full Specification Sheet.

To recover Dragon, the stern of GO Navigator has a large crane. Recovery teams in small fast-approach boats connect lines between GO Navigator and Dragon and then the capsule is carefully lifted from the water. Astronauts would then egress from the capsule once it is secured on the deck of GO Navigator. NASA requires SpaceX to egress astronauts from Dragon within 60 minutes of splashdown.

GO Navigator has conducted many hours of training to prepare for the role of recovering Dragon and astronauts. The vessel had a supporting role during the first flight of Crew Dragon and the Dragon In-Flight Abort Test. The vessel recovered Dragon for the first time during the Crew Demo-2 mission, August 2020.

GO Navigator arrives at Port Canaveral - Kyle Montgomery

Between April and May 2019, GO Navigator was temporarily re-assigned to fairing recovery operations for the ArabSat-6A, Starlink 0.9, STP-2, and AMOS-17 missions. The ship was fitted with inflatables and sent downrange to haul fairing halves from the water. The ship was successful and delivered a fairing half back to Port Canaveral during each mission.

Fairing half recovered by GO Navigator - SpaceX

GO Navigator successfully recovered astronauts for the first time upon the conclusion of the Crew Demo-2 mission, August 2, 2020.

The Dragon Endeavor capsule was lifted from the water and NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were egressed from the capsule and taken to the vessel’s medical facility for checks. Shortly after, they were flown back to land by a helicopter that landed on GO Navigator.  

Dragon Endeavor lifted aboard GO Navigator with Bob and Doug - NASA Kennedy
NASA astronaut Doug Hurley is helped out of Dragon - NASA Kennedy


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