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Finn Falgout

Finn Falgout arriving at Port Canaveral - Julia Bergeron

Finn Falgout is an ocean-going tugboat owned and operated by Falgout Brothers Marine Company. Finn Falgout was chartered by SpaceX from April 2020 to June 2022 to tow SpaceX droneships offshore in the Atlantic Ocean for operational missions and trials.

Finn Falgout towed a SpaceX droneship offshore more than 30 times, making the vessel the most experienced in the role as of May 2021.

Vital Statistics

Owner: Global Towing Services, LLC

Operator: Global Towing Services, LLC

Year Built: 1975 (Rebuilt 2014)

IMO: 7390765

Length: 43m

Width: 12.2m

Joined SpaceX Fleet: April 2020

Retired from SpaceX Fleet: June 2022

Full Specification Sheet.

Finn Falgout towing JRTI droneship and B1058-6.


Turksat-5BDroneship towing
Starlink 4-3Droneship towing
Starlink 4-1Towing Escort
Crew-3Towing Escort
Inspiration4Droneship towing
CRS-23Droneship towing
GPS III SV05Droneship towing
SXM-8Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L28Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L27Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L24Droneship towing
Crew-2Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L23Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L22Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L20Droneship towing
Transporter-1Droneship towing
Turksat-5ADroneship towing
SXM-7Droneship towing
Crew-1Droneship towing
GPS III SV04Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L13Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L12Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L11Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L10Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L9Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L8Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L7Droneship towing
Starlink V1 L6Droneship towing

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