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Dragon Recovery Mission List

A complete list of every Dragon recovery mission conducted by SpaceX since the first flight in 2010.

Total Dragon recoveries
Cargo Dragon capsules recovered
Crew Dragon capsules recovered

Last update and data correct as of March 1st 2022

MissionDateVehicleRecovery Ship(s)Location
CRS-232022-01-24Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew-22021-11-09Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-232021-09-30Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO SearcherEast Coast
Inspiration42021-09-18Dragon 2 (Crew)GO SearcherEast Coast
CRS-222021-07-10Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew-12021-05-02Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-212021-01-13Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew Demo-22020-08-02Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-202020-04-07Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
In-Flight-Abort Test2020-01-19Dragon 2 (Crew)GO Searcher / GO NavigatorEast Coast
CRS-192020-01-08Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-182019-08-27Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-172019-06-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
Crew Demo-12019-03-08Dragon 2 (Crew)GO Searcher / GO NavigatorEast Coast
CRS-162019-01-14Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-152018-08-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-142018-05-05Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-132018-01-13Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-122017-09-16Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-112017-07-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-102017-03-19Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-92016-08-26Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-82016-05-11Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-62015-05-21Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-52014-02-11Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-42014-10-25Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-32014-05-18Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-22013-03-26Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-12012-10-28Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
COTS-22012-05-31Dragon 1 (Cargo)American Champion + BargeWest Coast
COTS-12010-12-08Dragon 1 (Cargo)American Champion + BargeWest Coast