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Dragon Recovery Mission List

[NOTICE] This table is no longer updated. Data correct as of March 1st 2022

A complete list of every Dragon recovery mission conducted by SpaceX since the first flight in 2010.

MissionDateVehicleRecovery Ship(s)Location
CRS-232022-01-24Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew-22021-11-09Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-232021-09-30Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO SearcherEast Coast
Inspiration42021-09-18Dragon 2 (Crew)GO SearcherEast Coast
CRS-222021-07-10Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew-12021-05-02Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-212021-01-13Dragon 2 (Cargo)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
Crew Demo-22020-08-02Dragon 2 (Crew)GO NavigatorGulf of Mexico
CRS-202020-04-07Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
In-Flight-Abort Test2020-01-19Dragon 2 (Crew)GO Searcher / GO NavigatorEast Coast
CRS-192020-01-08Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-182019-08-27Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-172019-06-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
Crew Demo-12019-03-08Dragon 2 (Crew)GO Searcher / GO NavigatorEast Coast
CRS-162019-01-14Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-152018-08-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-142018-05-05Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-132018-01-13Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-122017-09-16Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-112017-07-03Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-102017-03-19Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-92016-08-26Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-82016-05-11Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-62015-05-21Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-52014-02-11Dragon 1 (Cargo)NRC QuestWest Coast
CRS-42014-10-25Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-32014-05-18Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-22013-03-26Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
CRS-12012-10-28Dragon 1 (Cargo)American IslanderWest Coast
COTS-22012-05-31Dragon 1 (Cargo)American Champion + BargeWest Coast
COTS-12010-12-08Dragon 1 (Cargo)American Champion + BargeWest Coast