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Since 2018 we’ve been following the movements of SpaceX’s droneships and support vessels as they work to recover rockets, fairings, and astronauts. Live updates are provided via our Twitter account. Why? It’s interesting and we think others will be interested too – that’s it.

Contact is a spaceflight community fan website. We are not affiliated with SpaceX or any vessel provider.

Please do not contact us regarding the following as we cannot help:

  • Career Opportunities
  • Maritime Solutions for Businesses
  • Vessel Services (Chartering, Brokerage etc)
  • Anybody trying to contact SpaceX
  • Guest posts

Things you should definitely contact us about:

  • Licensing content, including News, TV or Social Media use
  • Advertising on our site or social media platforms
  • Media/Press inquiries
  • Technical or editorial problems with the website 
  • Any question about SpaceX recovery operations that you couldn’t find an answer too

If you meet the above criteria, we endeavour to reply to as many emails and messages as possible. Sorry that we cannot reply to everyone!

Contact methods:

Twitter Direct Message: @SpaceOffshore

Media/Advertiser Information:

Average 4.5 million impressions per month across social media, 85% male audience, majority American audience.

Featured in, WIREDFlorida TodayNASASpaceFlight, Elon Musk’s Twitter (1) (2), Teslarati (Numerous), WKMG-TV, and many more.